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Our travel tips

  • Discover city Bayreuth during european tours to Germany

    Traditionally Bayreuth is a place of artistic and creative genius, where the exceptional is the norm. The Richard Wagner festival is not the only world-class event here – the festival programme covers a wide variety of genres. European tour packages created european tour operator offer visit to germany's city Bayreuth. There is one thing, however, that all visitors to Bayreuth have come to expect: the very best. Four notable personalities have shaped the cultural life of the town – and still do today: Margravine Wilhelmine with her legacy of baroque architecture, Jean Paul, the poet and Romantic writer, Richard Wagner, who achieved musical immortality in Bayreuth, and pianist Franz Read more...  
  • Visit to Visegrad during european tours to Hungary

    As it used to be the seat of medieval Hungarian kings, Visegrád offers a chance to discover fortresses that are breathtaking even as ruins. European tour packages to Hungary with european tour operator offer visit to Visehrad. The beautifully restored palace of King Matthias, one of the most important rulers in Hungarian history, transports visitors back to the 15th century, the golden age of the Hungarian Kingdom. The Citadel sitting on top of the mountain offers a breathtaking view over the Danube Bend. Make the most of your day, by sliding down the canopy course above the trees: it offers an adrenaline boost as well as a gorgeous view over the Read more...