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  • St.Nicholas' Festival in Nancy during european tours to France

    Every year in the first weekend of December, St. Nicholas' Festival returns to Nancy with its many festivities and its big Christmas market on Place Charles III. Over 65 exhibitors attend the event in brightly lit chalets, offering the public original gift ideas, art and craft objects and local specialities.
    The festival begins on Friday evening with the illumination of the Christmas tree on Place Stanislas. Many street performances and parades of enchanting floats take place throughout the weekend in the streets of the city. The party goes on until 31 December with exhibitions, puppet theatre shows, dance classes and concerts.There are a total of over 80 shows on the programme, featuring Read more...  
  • Barumini: The Nuraghi during european tours to Italy

    The Nuragic complex of Barumini rises in an area known as the Marmilla, located in south-central Sardinia (in the Province of Medio Campidano). The complex at Barumini is one of the 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be found in Italy. According to UNESCO, this extremely valuable and important archaeological site is exemplary for being the most complete and best-preserved of the remains left by the Nuragic Civilization; at the same time, it also demonstrates the intelligent use of innovative materials and techniques by a prehistoric community. The Village of Barumini - with its innumerable testimonies of a society that lasted for over a thousand years – indicate that this Read more...