Festival Classique in Holland during european tours

The center of The Hague transforms into a large open-air concert hall for Festival Classique. Enjoy classical music in an open and inspiring atmosphere and discover the many wonders of The Hague during this delightful summer festival. Hofvijver floating concert is the heart of Festival Classique is the atmospheric, floating Hofvijver Podium. The Hofvijver podium is a stage with a separate audience seating structure that floats on the pond beside The Hague's impressive parliament buildings. It’s an idyllic and unique opportunity to enjoy classical performances by the water, while at the same time discovering the unique and historical architecture of the city. One of the buildings around the pond is 'het Torentje' (the Little Tower), the office of the Prime Minister of Holland since 1982. The Mauritshuis, the royal gallery home to Golden Age masterpieces, is located right next to 'het Torentje'. The festival's aim is to make classical music accessible to everyone. Aside from the Hofvijver podium, there are many free (and paid) concerts and activities in unique locations all over the city. For instance, it can be at a Mc Donald's, a cafe or the Prison Gate Museum. These special performances do not last longer than one hour, there is no intermission and the presentations are done by people with a strong and personal connection with the story behind the performance. Enjoy an opera under the stars, surrounded by The Hague's most majestic buildings, and explore the city's many charming locations. The magical Festival Classique awaits.