Walser Autumn Festival during european tours to Austria

The Walser Autumn Festival calls itself the “The steepest festival deep in the mountains”. You can expect pretty much anything at the festival in the biosphere park in the Great Walser Valley. Visit to the Walser Valley will be more interesting with european tour operator during european tours to Austria if you add that visit in your european tour packages.  Yodelling in the sulphur bath, smoking herbs in the barn or trekking with cooking nomads from farm to farm – there’s nothing strange about Walser autumn. Every two years, various events open in the Great Walser Valley, ranging from photo exhibitions, musical performances in an alpine ambience, film screenings to culinary experiments. The self-image of the festival is characterized by openness to new ideas through the joy of meeting people. That’s because cultural exchange has always been a defining component of the Walser ethnic group living here who immigrated from Valais to Vorarlberg around 700 years ago. They brought and maintained their traditions that are also the focus of the Walser autumn: whether at the events or even at the workshops where you can learn, among other things, basket binding with dried grasses and herbs or conversation and poems in the idiosyncratic Walser dialect. Above all, you can really get to know one of the most exciting natural landscapes in Austria – the Great Walser Valley and its gorges, streams and colorful meadows shaped by the rural mountains – during the Walser autumn and combine this with indigenous cultural and culinary delights.