Open Szentendre, the city of arts during european tours to Hungary

Szentendre is a charming little town near Budapest, right by the bank of the Danube with its Mediterranean atmosphere, offering everything a bohemian or a romantic soul could desire: narrow alleys, cobblestone pedestrian streets, colourful houses, restaurants with outdoor seating, hideen coffee houses, folk art stores, and tiny handicraft shops. During regular european tours to Hungary with european tour operator you will get more positive experience if you include visit to Szentendre to european tour packages.  Walking on these cobbled, tiny streets of the town we can find a wide selection of restaurants, cafeterias and shops.  Church towers of varying shapes and sizes make its cityscape unique - the cultures of many religious denominations can be discovered here. This is where one of the largest artist colonies in Central Europe was established, with works by contemporary painters displayed in numerous exhibition halls and galleries. You should also take the time to visit the ‘Skanzen’, an open-air ethnographic museum showcasing the way past generations had lived as part of Hungary’s largest open-air collection. Suburban trains depart from the centre of Budapest to Szentendre every 10 minutes. Tahitótfalu is a small town on the Szentendre Island across the Danube. Tahitótfalu is famous for its local strawberries, and various products made from strawberries: delicious juice, jam, wine or palinka. Furthermore, the town holds a festival each June dedicated to this flavoury fruit.