Transfer from Brno to Airport to Hotel in Brno to station in Brno from hotels in Brno
Price: from 20.00 EUR
Transfer from Ceske Budejovice to Hotel in Ceske Budejovice to station in Ceske Budejovice from hotels in Ceske Budejovice
Price: from 15.00 EUR
Transfer from Cesky Krumlov to Hotel in Cesky Krumlov to station in Cesky Krumlov from hotels in Cesky Krumlov
Price: from 15.00 EUR
Transfer from Karlovy Vary to Airport to Hotel in Karlovy Vary to station in Karlovy Vary from hotels in Karlovy Vary
Price: from 15.00 EUR
Transfer from Marianske Lazne to Airport ( Karlovy Vary ) to Hotel in Marianske Lazne to station in Marianske Lazne from hotels in Marianske Lazne
Price: from 15.00 EUR
Transfer from Plzen to Airport ( Karlovy Vary ) to Hotel in Plzen to station in Plzen from hotels in Plzen
Price: from 15.00 EUR
Transfer from Prague to Airport to Hotel in Prague to station in Prague from hotels in Prague
Price: from 40.00 EUR

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    When visiting the historical compound of Meritxell, we are confronted with two buildings belonging to two very different eras:· The old sanctuary, which is known as the church of Santa María, is a Romanesque building that underwent extensive modifications during Baroque times· The new sanctuary was built in 1976 by Catalan architect Ricardo BofillThey  are  both  considered  Sites  of  Cultural  Interest according to Andorran law2014 was an important year for this sanctuary on account of Pope Francis having granted it the title of Minor Basilica because of its history, cultural and religious activity and liturgical life. European tour packages to Andorra offer visit to church of Read more ...  
  • Visit to Edinburgh Castle during european tours to Great Britain

    Standing proudly over the city on top of Castle Rock, the imposing Edinburgh Castle provides unparalleled views of the city and a glorious peek into Scotland’s turbulent history. A former military fortress, the castle has been both a royal residence and a prison. European tours or european tour packages with european tour operator can give you a chance visit to Edinburgh Castle. Within its high walls you’ll find some of Edinburgh’s oldest buildings, including St Margaret’s Chapel and the Half Moon Battery, while Crown Square is home to the spectacular Grand Hall and Scotland’s Crown Jewels. You can discover the castle at your own pace or, for a fully immersive experience, grab an audio guide Read more ...