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  • What does the 2021/2022 multi-country European tour mean?

    Because of the covid19 situation, everyone is dreaming of a fantastic future vacation and thinking about a travel plan. Do you want to explore the sights of Europe? The multi-country European tour is one of the options to discover more of Europe and enjoy vacation, food, history and culture of European countries on one tour. Europe is shared by 50 countries, of course, you could visit all European countries and see the best sights on our tour (it takes approx. 32 days), but the better option is the visiting of max 8-10 countries during one trip. You can take the Europen multi-countries tour consisting of Central Europe countries - Czech republic, Austria, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Germany, Switzerland. Multi-countries European tours and multi-cities travel packages are now very asking and popular.  
  • Why do we usually choose a multi-country vacation tour packages ?

    The secret of the popularity of multi-country travel packages is the ability to simultaneously enjoy your vacation, discover new corners of the world, explore in details world history and culture, try new things and get new experiences, breathe a different air and open up new horizons, meet new people, uncover their lifestyle and local customs. Multi-country tours are usually providing by bus, it's allow to see more within daytime. Such kind of travel vacation packages offers a rich list of options of local excursions and activities, you can usually choose whether to reserve and pay the optional tours in advance or during your trip.