Koldinghus Castle - Odense

Price: 60.00 EUR
Countries: Denmark
Route: Aarhus - Koldinghus Castle - Odense - Aarhus
Duration: 9 h
Our first stop in this tour we will make at the Koldinghus caslte which is the Jylland´s last royal castle. Koldinghus is much more than a museum. See the remains of the ruin that tells of the disaster fire in 1808 or experience the story very closely when there are living tales in the castles' rooms and see modern design. Throughout its more than 700 years of existence, Koldinghus Castle has played a significant role in Denmark’s history as a border guard and as one of the royal family’s favourite castles. It was the first to be used exclusively as a royal residence. King Christian III died here on new year’s day in 1559. King Christian IV spend a significant part of his childhood and youth here. The Castle lost its importance as more and more of the duties of the Royal family moved to the capital. King Frederik IV was the last king to live in the castle, but it was only temporary, while the plague was raging in Copenhagen. The giant tower "Kæmpetårnet" is named after the four statues of giants from the Greek and Roman myths who stood at the top of the tower. Today only Hercules remains. Next we will reach the city Odense where you have a chance to visit this fairy tale town of Hans Christian Andersen where you will hear  a story about the Ugly Duckling, which later became a beautiful swan. Our tour we will begin from Albanigade Bridge and walk north past the recently salvaged medieval bishop's house to the soaringly spired 1867 Catholic church, Sankt Albani Kirke. Then we will turn east on Adelgade to Paaskestræde, whose picturesque houses descend photogenically towards pretty riverside gardens. The little half-timbered building at Paaskestræde 1 was once the poorhouse school where HC Andersen studied. We  will turn right onto cobbled Nedergade, whose northern side is lined with crooked old houses incorporating galleries and eclectic stores. The most delightful is Kramboden, beside which a half-timbered courtyard alleyway cuts through to Overgade. Next we will walk to another of the city's prettiest alleys is Mønterstræde: during work hours don't miss opening the three doors marked Kig Ind ('look inside') to see the furnished interiors of 17th-century almshouses. During the tour you will see the interesting museum Møntergården, the architecturally bland Radisson Blu Hotel, the Hans Christian Andersen statue which look to a 1631 house, Story-book streetscapes along Ramsherred and Hans Jensens Stræde, the Sankt Hans Kirke, a former monastery rebuilt in 1723 as a palace building and now used as city offices, the Gråbrødre Kloster was once another monastery, the surrounding area is great for bars and cafes, and there's even a microbrewery within the grand 1881 Rådhus (town hall) building. After free time we will return to Aarhus.
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Countries: Denmark

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