Pals - Peratallada - Girona

Price: 82.00 EUR
Countries: Spain
Route: Barcelona - Pals - Peratallada - Girona - Barcelona
Duration: 11 h
The first stop in this tour we will make in the Pals to explore the ancient sprawl of structures built around an ancient fortress. We will visit a plethora of impressive medieval monuments and gaze at the colossal Torre de las Horas while hearing of its millennium long history.We will start out from Ca la Pruna at carrer de la Creu, it’s a fortified house from the 15th-16th century. During this tour we will see the Plaça Major, Town Hall, carrer Major, where we can find the anthropomorphic medieval tombs carved into the rock, the Torre de les Hores, a magnificent Romanesque circular tower from the 11th and 12th centuries built on a natural pedestal of solid rock,  the church of Sant Pere,  old castle of Pals, the Plaça de l’Església, the Tower of en Ramonet ,  Josep Pla lookout, named in honour of the writer from Palafrugell who so aptly described the landscape of the costal plain that can be seen from this point. We can enjoy a magnificent view: Canigó, the rice fields, Sant Feliu de Boada, Sant Julià, Palau Sator, the massif of Montgrí and the Medes Islands. After that we will drive to  the picturesque village of Peratallada where you will  spend of leisurely free time in a village considered one of Catalonia’s most captivating. Peratallada is a village that seems taken out from a fairy tale, with its medieval streets, pebbles in the floor and stone houses. Peratallada is a considered a historical and artistic complex as it has a lot of buildings of medieval architecture.The town keep al its old feudal looking, you can still see the fortress around the town and the moat that is present in all the perimeter that was dug in the rock. The Peratallada castle is probably one of the most famous buildings in town, it was built on the site of a former progress and it dates back from XI century. There are constructions remaining from different periods which makes this castle very interesting.Peratallada streets are like a maze, its castle standing just like a fairy tale, it reminds me a bit of the Tuscany in Italy with plants hanging from balconies and climbing up walls. The centre of town is Plaça de les Voltes, an open square vaulted that is the most typical picture in Peratallada. You will find a wide variety of restaurants and artisan shops in the square. Our next stop will be at Girona which is a city with a great cultural heritage. More than 2000 years old, already in Roman times it became an important point in the peninsula. Strategically located at the foot of the Pyrenees, it was occupied by many civilizations throughout history. Protected by imposing walls, it managed to perfectly preserve its Medieval urban section to this day, as well as the Jewish Quarter of Girona, considered one of the most important in Europe. We will pass by the Cathedral, one of the most important symbols of the city, and the Basilica of Sant Feliu. We will cross some of the most emblematic bridges, from where we will enjoy privileged views of the colorful hanging houses on the Onyar river. And we will get lost in the labyrinth of streets of the Old Town, discovering unique corners. See the old Convent of St. Domenech, the Rambla of Girona, the old church of St. Felix, the Monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, also opt to visit the Cathedral or the Arab Baths. Also you will see the locations of Game of Thrones filmed in Girona city. The tour will end at one of the most popular squares in Girona, where you’ll have time to sit and relax or enjoy some tapas. After that we will return to Barcelona.
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Countries: Spain

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