Thun - Spiez castle - Interlaken - cruise on Lake Brienz

Price: 179.00 EUR
Countries: Switzerland
Route: Bern - Thun - Spiez castle - Interlaken - cruise on Lake Brienz - Bern
Duration: 9 h
Our first stop in this tour will be at Thun , one of Switzerland’s most charming city located at the entrance of the picturesque Bernese Oberland region. Explore the historical town of Thun  and learn about the rich past of the former Zähringen city. Discover the most fascinating sights and hidden treasures of this fairytale city like and get a taste of the local life and culture by visiting the town’s most vibrant and exciting places. Walk on the town’s most impressive wooden bridges, including the legendary “Untere Schleuse” that dates back to the year 1726, Discover the city’s famous and magnificent Castle of Thun built in the 12th century which dominates the entire city, Stroll through the charming cobblestones streets in the historical center of Thun and gaze at the remarkable City Hall and the surrounding Guild Houses from the 16th century, Dive into the town’s most vibrant square “Mühleplatz” where locals relax and sip a drink by the Aare river. Next our stop will be at Spiez Castle which was most likely built in 933 by Rudolph II, the King of Burgundy. Shortly thereafter, Lord von Strattligen settled in the castle. Portions of the current castle shield walls as well as the massive square keep were built during the 12th century. The old castle was expanded in several stages during the Late Middle Ages but little is known about the specific dates or what was changed. During the 17th and 18th centuries the south New Castle was built and then expanded and redecorated in the late Baroque style. The castle was surrounded with gardens, vineyards and forests. After 1875, the castle passed through several owners until a foundation bought the castle and associated church.  Visit the furnished living quarters and the rooms used for official functions, dating from the 13th to the 18th Century, among them the 15th Century residential and court rooms, the wood-paneled Renaissance room and the early Baroque banquet room. The Early Romanesque Castle Church and the manicured park are also part of the grounds. Our next stop will be at Interlaken which lies in the Bernese Oberland on an alluvial plain, between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. The vacation destination, which is presided over by the three mighty mountains, Eiger, Mönch.  By the beginning of the 19th century Interlaken in the Bernese Oberland had already become renowned for its impressive mountain scenery. Famous contemporaries such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Felix Mendelssohn traveled in these mountains. As a vacation destination and convention location of international importance, Interlaken is an ideal starting point for countless excursions. Over 45 mountain railways, cable cars, chair lifts and ski lifts lead to 200 kilometers of pistes and a dense network of hiking trails. Excursion ships, including historic paddle steamers, ply the waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Our last attraction in this tour will be cruise on Lake Brienz from Interlaken to the beautiful fishing village of Iseltwald and back. Enjoy panoramic views of the Alpine landscape around Bernese Oberland, and admire the villages on the shores of Lake Brienz.  The cruise takes you past beautiful landscapes, a mysterious island and the mighty thundering Giessbach waterfall. The deep turquoise colour of Lake Brienz is particularly impressive.  This cruise is the perfect way to end the day after a excursion or sightseeing in Interlaken. After we will return to Bern.
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Countries: Switzerland

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