Harman - Prejmer - Fagaras - Sambata de Sus - Lisa

Price: 85.00 EUR
Countries: Romania
Route: Brasov - Harman - Prejmer - Fagaras - Sambata de Sus - Lisa - Brasov
Duration: 10 h
Our first point of our tour will be at Harman Fortified Church which was built in Roman style between 1500 and 1520 with 5 meter thick and 12 meter high walls. Harman Fortified Church has an inner church that was erected in Roman style by the Cistercian monks between 1280 and 1290 and was later rebuilt in Gothic style. A strong peasant citadel was built around the church between 1500 and 1520. A few Roman column capitals were kept inside the church, and some corbel pieces with carved grotesque heads were preserved in the vestry. After we well go to Prejmer Fortified Church which  is definitely the most impressive fortified church in Transylvania. The construction works began in 1427 and ended during the 16th century, making it one of the strongest churches in Transylvania at the time. The church had 14 meter high and 6 meter thick surrounding walls and it was protected by defence towers and a deep water ditch. What's really interesting about this fortified church is that within the walls are 272 chambers, and each one is numbered exactly as the houses in the village. Next stop will be at Fagaras Stronghold which built in the 15th century on the ruins of a wooden construction, in the South Eastern Part of Transylvania, the Fagaras stronghold had great importance in defending the region in the medieval times. At the centre of the stronghold stands the castle. It has three levels (basement, ground floor, first floor) and five towers (the Red Tower, the Black Tower, the Prison's Tower, Tomori Tower and the Motley Tower). The settlement was ranked among the strongest in Transylvania, standing up to Turkish and Tartar invasions. Access is made through a bridge over the defense moat. Inside is the Museum of Fagaras Country. Our next stop will be at Sambata de Sus (Brancoveanu Monastery). The history of the Brancoveanu Monastery began in the late 17th century, around 1696, when the Romanian Prince Constantin Brancoveanu, ruler of the Romanian Province (1688 -1714), ordered the building of a monastery from bricks and stones. The monastery door was carved into oak wood and the chapel was sculptured with Brancovean motifs. The interior was decorated with icons painted on glass and wood and the ceiling was adorned with neo-Byzantine fresco paintings. "The Healing Fountain" was first attested in documents in the 16th century, being the oldest item in the precincts of the monastery. Our last stop will be at Lisa (La Valtori). From old times, the locals in Lisa Village have built several technical installations based on hydraulic operation to help them in their work (the hydraulic force was due to the many brooks found near the villages): mills for obtaining flour by grounding cereal beads, presses for squeezing the oil in the seeds, back saws for cutting wood logs, mill machines to process thick wool canvas, and kettles for distilling raki. Such an installation - more than 100 years old -, which was used to process wool clothes, is still found in Lisa, place known by the locals as "La Valtori". After we will back to Brasov.
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Countries: Romania

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