Jaromerice nad Rokytnou - Vranov nad Dyji castle - Znojmo

Price: 61.00 EUR
Countries: Czechia
Route: Brno - Jaromerice nad Rokytnou - Vranov nad Dyji castle - Znojmo - Brno
Duration: 9 h
Firstly we will visit to the Baroque castle in Jaromerice nad Rokytnou is one of the most massive works of architecture from the first half of the eighteenth century in Czechia and Europe as a whole.  A Renaissance manor was built at the site of today’s château in the sixteenth century.  The building underwent a Baroque reconstruction under the most prominent owners of the Jaroměřice domain, the Questenbergs, in 1700-1737. The French château gardens were established at the same time along with a park in the English style. At the height of its fame, Jaromerice nad Rokytnou was a centre of cultural life organised locally by Jan Adam Questenberg (1678-1752). The town at the time boasted a library, gallery, theatre and its own band. The bandmaster of the château ensemble was the well-known Czech composer František Václav Míča, who wrote the first Czech opera, a work entitled The Founding of Jaromerice. Today, visitors to the château can enjoy the renovated Baroque residence with nineteenth century interiors.  Individual rooms are furnished to match their former function. Musical instruments and furniture related to the musical life at the château are on display as a reminder of its famous musical past. Next we will visit  to Vranov nad Dyji castle which was created with the reconstruction of a royal castle first mentioned in 1100. Its current form bears the imprint of the Althanns, who held it for some 100 years from the late 17th century, together with a significant contribution from the imperial architect Johann Bernhard Fischer of Erlach  who created the projects for the richly decorated Hall of ancestors and the chapel of the Holy Trinity as a custom order from Count of Althann, at the beginning of 17th century.  The Hall of ancestors was decorated by leading artists of that era – such as the Viennese sculptor Tobias Kracker, who fitted the hall niches with statues of important Althann family members, or Michael Rottmayer, creator of the monumental mythological fresco in the dome. The chapel of the Holy Trinity was also honoured with attention of prestigious artists, namely the Austrian Ignaz Heinitz of Heizenthal, who contributed with paintings of the altar, together with an epic dome fresco depicting the family patron and protector of the church – Archangel Michael.  The dominium was then gained by the Polish Mniszeks, who brought about an unprecedented flowering of the famed Vranov factory for the production of earthenware and porcelain.  Impressive interiors of the chateau and the chapel, as well as the charming gardens are open to visitors. Next we will visit the historic town centre of Znojmo with its numerous churches, all surrounded by mediaeval city walls, has preserved its Renaissance look and is full of crooked lanes, romantic views and picturesque nooks and crannies. Znojmo is also the centre of a well-known wine region.There we will visit to  the town’s oldest monument, the Romanesque Rotunda of Our Lady and St. Catherine, dating from the mid-11th century and located in the grounds of Znojmo Castle. Also we will visit to the Znojmo Underground extends over several levels and is one of the largest underground labyrinths in Central Europe.  It comprises a system of underground passageways and cellars that is almost 27 kilometres long, and has up to 4 storeys and extend below the majority of houses, streets and squares in the historic town centre. Another dominant feature of the town is the Church of St. Nicholas. Don’t miss a tour of the interiors, as you won’t see the likes of the original Baroque pulpit in the shape of the globe anywhere else! After free time for tast of local wine we return to Brno.
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Countries: Czechia

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