Miskolc - The Caves of Lillafüred - Eger - Egerszalok

Price: 99.00 EUR
Countries: Hungary
Route: Budapest - Miskolc - The Caves of Lillafüred - Eger - Egerszalok - Budapest
Duration: 11 h
Our first stop will be at the Miskolc which is the third largest town in the country, is known for its industrial traditions as well as its rich history and culture. Its monuments are of outstanding interest: the Greek Orthodox Church is decorated with the largest iconostasis in Central Europe. The Avas Hill is known for its wine cellars. There are 18th century Baroque buildings such as the Minorite Church and Monastery, the Lutheran Church and the Church of Mindszenty. The 17th century House of Rákóczi houses the Gallery of Miskolc. This institution presents the life-work of famous Hungarian graphic artists born in the city. The gallery of the Ottó Herman Museum and the mineral collection are also worth a visit. Our next stop will be at the Stalactite Saint Stephen's Cave, will become a real find for connoisseurs of natural attractions. It was mentioned the first time by Ottokár Kadić, who sloped down to the cave with a rope in 1913. In 1927 the first routes started to build and in 1931 it was opened to the visitors. The largest stalactit is located in the Kupola hall and it is called Megfagyott Vízesés (The Frozen Waterfall). It is about 20 m high and 15 m wide. The cave is rich in stalactites even it is an often visited cave it still provide new stalactites. In addition, in the cave you can and even need to stay longer, because it is considered curative because of clean air. Our next stop will be in Eger filled with beautifully preserved baroque buildings, Eger (pronounced 'egg-air') is a jewellery box of a town with loads to see and do. Explore the bloody history of Turkish occupation and defeat at the hilltop castle; climb an original Ottoman minaret; listen to an organ performance at the colossal basilica; or relax in a renovated Turkish bath. Then spend time traipsing from cellar to cellar in the Valley of Beautiful Women, tasting the celebrated Eger Bull's Blood (Egri Bikavér) and other local wines from the cask. During visit you will see Kopcsik Marcipánia, Archbishop’s Garden, Small Provost’s Palace, Szent Miklos-templom, Minorite Church, Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle, Dobó Square ,Valley of the Beautiful Woman, Minaret, Town Under the Town, Lyceum, Eger Castle. Next we will visit to Egerszalok's real attraction which  is the thermal spring erupting from deep in the earth and limestone hill created by water runoff, which over the years has come to be known as "salt hill."  The 65-68 C◦ medicinal water rich in mineral content continually builds jagged, white formations, offering an imposing spectacle. The medicinal water of calcium magnesium hydrogen carbonate also contains sodium and a significant amount of metasilicic acid, and has been ranked as one of the best in the sulphuric medicinal waters category. Over the years, the limestone hill has become a symbol and landmark of the surrounding area. It's a sight unique in Europe, with similar natural formations found only in two other places in the world, at Pamukkale in the Asian part of Turkey and in Yellowstone National Park in the United States. There we will visit to spa and wellness center  and after relax return to Budapest.
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Countries: Hungary

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