Tokaj Wine Museum - Sarospatak Castle - Vizosly Church - Boldogko Castle - Castrum Boldua

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Countries: Hungary
Route: Debrecen - Tokaj Wine Museum - Sarospatak Castle - Vizosly Church - Boldogko Castle - Castrum Boldua - Debrecen
Duration: 11 h
Firstly  we will visit to Tokay wine Museum where you know about history of hungurian wine. The Tokaj which is a UNESCO World Heritage wine region wich  has the distinction of being the first in Europe to be classified. At the end of the 17th century, Tokaji aszú wines were so well regarded throughout the Courts of Europe that Prince Rakoczi insisted on a classification of the finest vineyards around the 28 villages in the region into: Great First Growths, First Growths, Second Growths and Third Growths. You will know what is it and many other about wines and wine hystory of Hungary. Our next stop will be at Sárospatak which was granted town status in 1201 by King Emeric. Today, the town, often called simply Patak, is an important Hungarian cultural centre. There you will see how the Hungarian noblemen lived in the 18th century. Franz. Rákóczi II—a Hungarian lord and heroic warrior of Hungarian independence—marshalled his troops against the Habsburg Monarchy between 1703-1711, with the motto "Cum Deo pro patria et libertate!- With God, for our homeland and our liberty!” emblazoned on their flags. Throughout Hungary, his name is a symbol of a pure-hearted and righteous commitment to liberty. The 16th century castle of Sárospatak was the centre of independence wars in that time, and today is a popular tourist centre. Its central building, with its red tower, has retained its medieval style during the reconstructions of the last centuries, and now hosts a museum with a view of the Bodrog river and the Hungarian Great Plain. You can see how the lords lived in the XVIIIth century in Hungary. You can see how cannons were built and how they cooked different popular dishes at these times. You can learn about wine-making and its history and you can stroll through its medieval garden. Our next short stop we will make at Vizosly village which is home to printing works where the first Bible in Hungarian was printed in 1590. The event was even more significant at the time because it was also the first work printed in Hungarian. Vizosly also boasts a well-restored Protestant church, whose frescoes, some of which are 13C, are beautifully lit. Inside the church, you will notice an inscription which reads: "If you're not here to pray, be gone". Advice we recommend ignoring. Next we will visit to the castle in Boldogkő is a mediaeval castle on the cliff next to Boldogkőváralja on the east side of the valley of the River Hernád. Either Jaak’s son, Land-steward Tyba from the Tomaj kindred or Seneschal Aba Amadé may have got the first part of the castle (an old tower surrounding a rampart) built after the Mongol invasion (1241-42). During the Turkish invasion it was one of the scenes of the intensive fights between the emperor and the king and the owner was often changed. In 1666 Conqueror Rákóczi György got it and later during the Kuruc-times (anti-Habsburg rebels in Royal Hungary between 1671 and 1711) it had an important role several times, but before Rákóczi War of Independence, in 1701 it was made uninhabitable. In spite of its past, it is one of mediaeval castles remaining in the best condition. Next we will visit to  the medieval restaurant Castrum Boldua opened its doors within the hundreds of years old walls of the Castle of Blessed Virgin. Uniquely in the country, the restaurant is an integral part of the wall of Boldogkő Castle, a tunnel that once served as a stable, carved by hand by the Kurucs. This tunnel is directly connected to the castle by a steep corridor, so visitors can set out to quench their hunger without leaving the ancient walls. Restaurant takes the guests to the Middle Ages, even if only for a feast, with an interior reminiscent of his time, shields on the walls and shields decorated with the coats of arms of the families who played a role in the history of the castle. Visitors to the restaurant have the opportunity to try out individual weapons and shields while waiting for their food. All incoming guests will receive an overcoat so that they can feel as medieval as possible. After dinner we return to Debrecen.
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Countries: Hungary

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