Tour Spain - France - Portugal

Price: 804.00 EUR
Countries: France, Portugal, Spain

Number of days: 12
Country/City: Spain/Barcelona, Spain/Costa Brava, France/Carcassone, France/Lourdes, Spain/San Sebastian, Spain/Oviedo, Spain/Santiago de Compostela, Portugal/Porto, Portugal/Coimbra,  Portugal/Fatina, Portugal/Sintra, Portugal/Lisbon, Portugal/Evora, Spain/Toledo, Spain/Madrid, Spain/Montserrat, Spain/Barcelona

This wonderful budget  tour, we do recommend for those, who want to see highlights of Spain, France,Portugal- eleven nights of accommodation at three and four star hotels , English speaking escort and drivers, transport and guide service.

 1st day:  Barcelona Arrival to Barcelona, Meet and greet on the airport. Transfer to the hotel on the Costa Brava. Accommodation, dinner.
Overnight in Costa Brava.

2nd day: Barcelona. After breakfast, we will go sightseeing in Barcelona. We will start the tour with Rambli -the most famous walking street in the city, which starts at Plaza Catalunya and ends at the Columbus monument. We will go to the Gothic quarter with the famous Cathedral of Saint Eulalia, the Royal Square and the Generalitat building - the seat of the Government of Autonomous Catalonia, facing the municipal building. We will pass Paseo de Gracia to admire Gaudí's houses: Casa Batllo and Casa Mila - "La Pedrera" - called the quarry. Later we will see The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família. Is a large unfinished Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Then we will go to Parque Guell, and from there to the hill Montjuic, on the way we will stop at the Camp Nou stadium. On the Montjuic hill, apart from the beautiful panorama of Barcelona, we can also see the Olympic Stadium and sports facilities that were created in the city on the occasion of the Olympics. Return to the hotel. Dinner.
Overnight in Costa Brava.

3rd day: Costa Brava – Carcassone - Lourdes.  After breakfast, check out from the hotel, transfer to Lourdes. On the way we will stop at Carcassonne, a hilltop town in southern France’s Languedoc area, is famous for its medieval citadel. We will have there one and a half hours of time to rest, shop and take a leisurely walk through this picturesque town. Then we continue our journey to Lourdes. In Lourdes, accommodation, dinner, overnight. Willing guests will be able to take part in the procession with torches at 21:00. Dinner.
Overnight in Lourdes.

4th day: Lourdes - San Sebastian - Oviedo. After breakfast, we will have time for an individual prayer in Lourdes. Transfer to San Sebastian - a short walk around the city, after which we will start the journey to Oviedo. Accommodation, dinner.
Overnight in Oviedo.

5th day: Oviedo - Santiago de Compostela. After breakfast, we will visit Oviedo. In the Cathedral of this city, a scarf is kept, in which the head of Jesus Christ was wrapped in the grave. Next we will start our journey to Santiago de Compostela. Resting place of Saint. James the Greater one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. From the Middle Ages, a well-known center of worship and pilgrimage destination. To Santiago de Compostela, which was at that time one of the three main goals of medieval pilgrimage (next to Rome and the Holy Land), people of all states set off. The pilgrimage to the postle's grave was also treated as an element of resocialization, whether it was asked on its own or ordered by a court judgment. In front of the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela you can buy a souvenir, a distinctive sign of the destination - a pilgrim shell, the symbol of St. Jacob. Originally, this shell was going to the nearby coast, from where it was taken, as evidence and souvenir of pilgrimage. Currently, such a shell is a hallmark of pilgrims on the way to Santiago. We will visit the Basilica of Saint James the Apostle, the third in importance after Jerusalem and Rome, a place of pilgrimage in the Christian world. Accommodation, dinner.
Overnight in Santiago de Compostela.

 6th day: Santiago de Compostela - Porto – Coimbra - Fatima.  After breakfast we will visit Porto. This is the second largest city in Portugal. Like many other European cities, Porto is an ancient city that has a large historical heritage. The oldest information about the city comes from the 5th century. The world-famous Porto wine derives its name from thiscities. Visiting the city and basements of Porto in Vila Nova de Gaia. We will see famous Porto-São Bento Station with its wonderful tiles, Palacio De La Bolsa Oporto and the cathedral, the church of St. Franciszka, Ribera districts. Then we will go to Coimbra, here we will visit the University and if time allows the Memorial House dedicated to sister Lucia. Accommodation, Dinner.
Overnight in Fátima.

7th day: Fátima - Sintra - Lisbon.  After breakfast, we will visit Fatime. In 1917, three shepherds from Fatima - Francisco and Jacinta Marto and Lucia dos Santos - announced that the Mother of God appeared to them and gave them three secrets of Fatima. The Catholic Church recognized these revelations as not contrary to the doctrine. For a miracle he recognized them in 1930. Visiting the Sanctuary and the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary with the graves of Franciszek and Jacinta. Free time in the Sanctuary for private prayer. Then we will go to Sintra. Sintra is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, and due to the series of monuments here, it has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a special city not only because of architectural attractions, but also due to the picturesque location and the microclimate prevailing here. In Sintra we will visit the National Palace and then on the way to Lisboa the Cabo da Roca viewpoint. In Lisbon we offer an evening walk and a viewpoint Cristo Rei - also the Sanctuary of Christ the King. Accommodation and Dinner.
Overnight in Lisbon.

 8th day: Lisbon.  After breakfast, we will visit Lisbon, the capital and the largest city in Portugal, which is built on seven hills at the mouth of the Tagus River. The perfect climate and sunshine throughout most of the year means that Lisbon is called a white city. The city is vibrant until late at night and offers excellent restaurants (where you can try the best specialties of Portuguese cuisine), wine bars (where you can taste excellent national wines and enjoy the famous port wine), as well as various bars and trendy night clubs. We will visit the Se cathedral, Portas de Sol viewpoint, go through Alfame, and then go to Rossio, S.Justa Elevator. In the Belem district, we will see the Tower, the Monument to the Discoveries and the Heronimites Monastery. Dinner.
Overnight in Lisbon.

9th day: Lisbon – Evora - Toledo.  After breakfast, we will set off for Toledo, stopping at Evora on the way. The old town of Evorais listed on the UNESCO National Heritage List. Roman walls surrounding the center come from the second century, and between the narrow streets with white limestone houses, there are remains of Roman, Arab, Jewish and other peoples inhabiting these areas. We will visit the cathedral, the Roman temple and the church. Francis. Dinner at a hotel in Toledo, accommodation and dinner.
Overnight in Toledo.

10th day: Toledo - Madrid. After breakfast, we will go to Toledo called Imperial City, whose historical roots date back to the Bronze Age. A city with a rich history, often appointed the capital of the kingdom of the Archbishopric. For centuries, Muslim, Jewish and Christian culture coexisted here, each imprinting its imprint on the architecture and monuments of Toledo. A panoramic visit with a beautiful spot viewing. A walk through the old town, Zocodover Square, we will see the Greco house, the 13th-century Saints bridge. Marcin, the 15th century Monastery of St. John from the Kings. We will also enter the Cathedral. We will go to Madrid from Toledo. Madrid is the largest city in Spain and the third after Paris and London, in Europe. Madrid is 600 m above sea level. and is the highest located capital of Europe. It is also one of the oldest cities on our continent. The first historical evidence for the existence of stable settlement comes from the ninth century, the era of Muslim rule. In Madrid we will see Real Madrid Stadium, Bullfighting Arena, Paseo de Prado, Atocha Railway Station with a wonderful tropical garden inside, Retiro Park, Principe Pio hill with the Debod Temple, Plaza España, streets Gran Via, the Royal Palace, Plaza de Oriente, the Royal Theater, the Cathedral of Santa Maria de Almudena, the remains of the 9th-century ramparts, the Church of St.Sacramento, Calle Mayor, Plaza de la Villa and St. Mark's Market St. Michael, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol Square and Neptuno Square. Dinner.
Overnight in near Madrid.

11th day: Madrid – Montserrat - Barcelona. After breakfast, we will start the return to the hotel near Barcelona. On the way, we will stop in Montserrat. The monastery of Santa María de Montserrat is a Benedictine monastery located on the mountain of Montserrat at an altitude of 720 meters above sea level.
Overnight in hotel near Barcelona.

12th day: Barcelona, Departure day. Breakfast. Transfer to the airport.

Price includes:
  • 11 nights accommodation at 3 and 4star hotels in Costa Brava , Lourdes , Oviedo , Santiago de Compostela , Fátima , Lisbon , Toledo , Madrid
  • BB,SNGL/DBL/TWIN/TRPL accommodation
  • English speaking escort / another language is upon request
  • English speaking guides / another language is upon request
  • Private bus transfers between cities
  • Dinners

Price excludes:

  • Entrance fees*
  • Arrival and departure transfers from/to Barcelona airport
  • Flight and Train tickets
  • Travel health insurance
* entrances fees (around143 euro/person) :
     Sagrada Familia - 15 eur
     Park Güell - 8 eur
     FC Barcelona Stadium -25 eur
     Catedral de Oviedo - 6 eur
     Catedral Santiago de Copostela - 6 eur
     Palacio da Bolsa in Oporto- 9 eur
     Church of São Francisco in Porto- 3 eur
     Bodega in Porto- 8 eur
     Universidad de Coimbra - 7 eur
     Palacio National in Sintra- 10 eur
     Se Catedral in Lisbon - 2,5 eur
     Catedral in Toledo- 8 eur
     El Greco Museum in Toledo- 8 eur
     Rea Madrid Stadium- 18 eur
     Las Ventas in Madrid 13-15 eur

Price: per person / in room / for package

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Countries: France, Portugal, Spain

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