Beer Tour in Prague

Price: 259.00 EUR
Countries: Czechia

Number of days: 4
Country/City: Czech Republic/Prague

Beer tours of one of the great brewing regions of the world.During this tour you will get a chance to taste following sorts of beer: Novomestsky Kvasnicovy lezak,Krusovice, Stepan-Czech style classic pale lager, Weizen, Sour Cherry Beer, Coffee Beer, banana Beer, Nettle Beer, St. Norbert amber, St. Norbert Easter, St. Norbert Weizen.

1st Day: Arrival in Prague. Meeting at the airport and private transfer to the hotel. In the evening, we invite you to Medieval Beer Party with show (unlimited food and drinks), that takes you several hundred years back in time – as far back as the Middle ages. Transfer back to the hotel. Overnight in Prague.

2nd Day: Prague sightseeing City tour with beer tasting. The Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour. We start from Strahov Monastery you enter Old Town and will walk to the Castleґs side - Strahov monastery, Loreta, Prague Castle area. The route continues around Prague Castle - St.Vitus Catedral, Old Royal Palace, Basilice St. George. During city tour, we will stop at 3 private breweries: Klasterni Pivovar, Novomestsky Pivovar and Pivovarsky Dum, you will have a chance to visit a brewery, where the short brewery tour with degustation tour will be offered. During this tour you will get a chance to taste following sorts of beer: Novomestsky Kvasnicovy lezak, Stepan-Czech style classic pale lager, Weizen, Sour Cherry Beer, Coffee Beer, banana Beer, Nettle Beer, St. Norbert amber, St. Norbert Easter, St. Norbert Weizen. Overnight in Prague.

3rd Day: The Pilsner Urquell Brewery tour in Plzen, where you will have an interesting tour in Brewery Factory with dinner at the restaurant. Overnight in Prague.

4th Day: Departure day. Breakfast only


Price includes:

  • 4 days /3 nights of accommodation at the hotel
  • breakfast (3), lunch (1), evening dinner (1), beer tasting of 10 sorts of beer (1)
  • return airport transfer
  • Prague sightseeing city tour
  • hotel taxes and service charges

Price excludes:

  • Visa
  • Travel health insurance
  • Flight/Train Tickets

Price: per person / in room / for package

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Countries: Czechia

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