Hambach Castle - Mannheim Baroque Palace - Mannheim

Price: 72.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Frankfurt - Hambach Castle - Mannheim Baroque Palace - Mannheim - Frankfurt
Duration: 9 h
Firstly we will visit to Hambach Castle which in 1832 became the "cradle of German democracy" (Theodor Heuß) and a demonstration of national unity and freedom, exactly here was  first flown the flag bearing the German national colours of black, red and gold. "Rise, German men and boys of all ranks, shine with the holy glimmer of the fatherland and freedom, gather together!" About 30,000 people followed this call. Guided by trumpet calls and music, they marched up the festooned mountain path to Hambach Castle. The exhibition "Hinauf, hinauf zum Schloss!" (Up, up to the castle!) focuses on the events related to the year 1832, with the main focus being on Hambach Festival. A variety of interactive stations, where, for example, you can make cockades or slip into contemporary costumes, will provide plenty of fun to all ages and bring history to life. The exhibition is divided into several sections:  Europe in turmoil, The road to Hambach Festival , Black, red and gold - symbols of freedom and unity , Freedom of speech and censorship, The fight for freedom of the press and freedom of speech, Parliament and Constitution. Next we will visit to Mannheim where the classic city tour leads you from Europe’s second largest baroque palace, the former residence of the Elector, and the magnificent Jesuit Church directly into the nearby city centre. Mannheim Castle is the second largest Baroque Castle in Europe, after Versailles, and a truly imposing sight with sumptuous rooms inside.  Its grand scale was designed to highlight the important role of the Palatine Prince Electors in the Holy Roman Empire. In 1720, Prince Elector Carl Philipp transferred the palatinate’s seat of power from Heidelberg to Mannheim and initiated the construction of a new palace. The residence was completed under the reign of his successor, Carl Theodor. A connoisseur of the arts, Carl Theodor was a generous patron of music, theatre and science. He surrounded himself with leading artists and musicians, making Mannheim a Musenhof, a place known for its circle of luminaries. Among the illustrious visitors in the 18th-century was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Today, the restored grand rooms of the bel-étage (main floor) are furnished with over 800 exhibits, including 21 large tapestries, ornate furniture, priceless paintings, valuable porcelain and costly silverware – recreating its bygone grandeur. This is the perfect Castle for all those wanting to be impressed by the magnificence of Court life in former times.From the very grand main staircase, to the delightful frescoes ceilings, the wonderful chandeliers, the amazing wall tapestries - the splendor of this Castle will linger long in the memory. Next in the famous “squares”, all the diversity of Mannheim life will reveal itself to you between the extensive squares, the assembled buildings of the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums and the beloved “Planken” shopping street. Interesting monuments and memorials tell tales from Mannheim’s eventful history, while contemporary works of art and the varied gastronomic scene bear witness to the modern spirit of the city. Following this, the atmospheric Art Nouveau square at Friedrichsplatz, with its arcades, footpaths and fountains, invites you to take a break while admiring the view of Mannheim’s landmark historic water tower. After free time we return to Frankfurt.
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Countries: Germany

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