Celle - Bremen

Price: 81.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Hanover - Celle - Bremen - Hanover
Duration: 10 h
Firstly we will visit to the royal seat and half-timbered town of Celle with its wonderfully preserved old town and Celle Castle is a real gem. It as a place where fascinating history, such as the connection to the English royal family or the tragic story of the Danish Queen ,  meets the largest half-timbered ensemble in Europe and make visit of Celle interesting.  First mentions of "town on the River” (Kellu) belong to 986. The city has long been the ducal residence (starting from 1378 for the Duchy of Saxe - Wittenberg, and from 1433 – for Duchy of Brunswick - Lüneburg). Ducal Palace was located on a peninsula formed by the merging the Aller River and River Fuhse. In 1433 a channel was created here. It transformed the center of Celle into the island. In 1452 Blessed Frederick founded a Franciscan monastery here. Starting from 1705, when the Duchy of Brunswick - Lüneburg has started losing its power and the city has fallen under the influence of Welf dynasty (Hanover line).  In the half-timbered old town of Celle await you  500 lovingly restored houses. The Celle Castle Theatre founded in 1674 is the oldest baroque theater in Europe. The State Stud Farm of Lower Saxony in Celle, where the famous Hanoverian horses are bred, is also very well known. During our visit you will see the historic old town,  Stadtkirche with access to the tower, the castle a nd its unique Renaissance castle chapel, old town hall with Weser renaissance gable,  synagogue , magnificent Hoppener-Haus, Kalandgasse, neo-classical Stechinellihaus, Alter Marstall, New Town Hall , Marienwerder Zimmer, Rosche Villa, French Garden, Lower Saxony stud farm and much more. Next we will visit to city Bremen where you find out about Bremen, its buildings, history and people. You will see the famous town musicians as well as the impressive town hall, belonging to the UNESCO world heritage sites. You stroll along the river side and your guide will take you to the hidden small streets of the oldest quarter of Bremen, called Schnoor. Your tour will start in the historical Market Square, in front of the impressive Town Hall. Listen to the story of one of the finest Town Hall in the whole Europe, a building that got its well-deserved status as a Unesco World Heritage. Right in front of this building another Unesco World Heritage item will no doubt catch your eye: the statue of Roland. Erected in 1404, it represents Roland, paladin of the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. Roland is shown as protector of the city: his legendary sword is unsheathed, and his shield is emblazoned with the two-headed Imperial eagle.We will continue to the very close by Protestant main church, Cathedral of St. Peter. This 1200 years old building, dominates the main square. Inside, you will admire the fine painted details on the ceiling or, if you think you are up for it, climb the 265 steps for a breathtaking panoramic view of the Old Town, defiantly worth a look! Next, we walk around the Town Hall all the way to another very popular tourist attraction: the famous statue of Bremen Town Musicians Let your guide take you back to your childhood while listening to the famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. Proceed to one of the nicest areas of Bremen: Böttcherstrasse (Coopers Street), the incredible Art Nouveau Street dating from 1920 that runs from the main square towards the river. Admire the many fine façades and courtyards all with large amounts of design detail while passing by many house artisanal shops and art museums.The next and final place to be discovered is the Schnoor Quarter, an area of mazes of twisting lanes, winding alleys, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and galleries. Once part of the fishermen's quarter and later red-light district, this area is one of the loveliest little corners of Bremen. After free time we return to Hanover.
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Countries: Germany

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