Iasi city Tour

Price: 35.00 EUR
Countries: Romania
Route: Iasi
Duration: 4 h
Enjoy a short tour of Iasi, the most impressive city in northeast Romania and get an idea of the beauty and history of this city. This walking tour is the best way to learn more about the city in a short time. From the Palace of Culture to the Union Square, the tour will show you all of the essential landmarks of Moldavia’s largest town, known as the city of the great ideas or the city of the seven hills like Rome or Lisbon. Iasi was the capital of Romanian United Principalities two times between 1859-1862 and 1916-1918 and today Iasi is considered Romania’s cultural capital. You will discover some of the highlights such as the Golia Monastery, a 17th century monastery situated in the heart of the city with its Clock Tower (the oldest building in Iasi) and The National Theater, built in just two years at the end of 19th century by the famous Austrian architects Felner and Helmer and the first theater of its kind in Romania. Continue your journey by visiting The Metropolitan Cathedral, Roznovanu Palace (the building which houses City Hall), The Catholic Cathedral, The Three Hierarchics Monastery, one of the most fabulous religious buildings in Romania because of its unique exterior architecture. From that point head to the Palace Square, where you will see The Palace of Culture, a neogothic palace, constructed at the beginning of 20th century and inspired by Hotel de Ville in Paris.
Price: per person
Adam, 20.01.2022
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Countries: Romania

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