Cruise - Sviyazhsk Island

Price: 60.00 EUR
Countries: Russia
Route: Kazan - Cruise - Sviyazhsk Island - Kazan
Duration: 8 h
An unforgettable trip that you will love, come and explore the Volga River to Sviyazhsk Island.This route takes us away from the Kazan downtown to see one of the attractions of the region, the famous Sviyazhsk Island. Founded in 1551 as a fortress in 1552 became the main defense of the area, a fortress built only in 4 weeks where they can defend themselves from the invading armies. During our visit to Sviyazhsk Island you will see and familiar with street to the Ivanovsky Convent, street of Holy Monastery of the Dormition, Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Ivanovsky Convent, Church of the Trinity in the monastery of Saint John Baptist, Cathedral of our Lady of Saint John Baptist of the monastery, Monastery of the Dormition and the Holy temples, Bell Tower Door in the Holy Monastery of the Dormition , Cathedral of the Assumption in the monastery of Saint Dormition. Return to Kazan by boat.
Price: per person
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Countries: Russia

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