Burgos - Bilbao

Price: 98.00 EUR
Countries: Spain
Route: Leon - Burgos - Bilbao - Leon
Duration: 13 h
The first stop in our tour will be at the Castilian town, Burgos which began life as a strategic fortress - in 884 - in the frontline between the Muslims and the rival kingdom of Navarra. It was surrounded by several burgos (villages), which eventually melded together to form the basis of a new city. Centuries later, Burgos thrived as a staging post for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago and as a trading center between the interior and the northern ports. Itinerary. In this walking tour, we will have the opportunity to walk around the cathedral to  contemplate the exceptional medieval decoration of its ancient doors. Not away from the Cathedral a panoramic view is waiting for us. The point of view is on top of a hill where the city of Burgos was founded in 884.  After visiting the point of view we will stroll along the most beautiful promenade of Burgos called the promenade of El Espolon. At the end of the promenade, the statue of El Cid is waiting for us. This medieval hero was born in Burgos. The equestrian statue of El Cid is pointing towards the Museum of Human Evolution. This museum is one of the avant-garde buildings of Burgos and inside are the earliest remains of human beings in Europe. Another interesting corner of the city is the Palace of the Constable where 500 years ago Cristopher Columbus was received after his second voyage from America. Our next stop will be at Bilbao! which is the biggest and the most cosmopolitan city in Basque Country. The city of Bilbao has an intense history: born as a merchant village, it grew up to be an industrial super city. Our city tour we  will start at the Arriaga Theatre, dedicated to a local composer known as the 'Spanish Mozart'. Just a few steps away, you'll find the San Nicolás Church and the famous Plaza Nueva where one of the best known 'bilbainadas' made his name. Have you heard this Basque music genre? The tour will continue to the Begoña stairs: 316 steps - don't worry, you don't have to climb them - with a peculiar history. The stairs start in Plaza de Miguel de Unamuno, a square named after the Bilbao-born writer who famously defended the Basque country in a confrontation with a group of Falangists in 1936. Dating back to the 1400s and one of the most historic areas of the old town, the Zazpikaleak or Seven Streets will be your next stop on your guided walking tour of Botxo, or 'The hole', as Bilbao's residents affectionately call their mountain-surrounded city. After learning all about the history of the Biscay capital's other symbolic monuments, including Santiago Cathedral, you'll head down to the banks of the Nervión River to visit the famous Mercado de la Ribera, the biggest covered market in Europe. Your tour will finish next to the stunning Estación de la Concordia, one of the city's most beautiul train stations. Also you will see:  Guggenheim Museum (from outside), Spider "Maman", Sculpture Puppy, Glass Bridge, The 7 Streets District, Lopez de Haro avenue and more. After we will return to Leon.
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Countries: Spain

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