Opatija - Rijeka

Price: 55.00 EUR
Countries: Croatia, Slovenia
Route: Ljubljana - Opatija - Rijeka - Ljubljana
Duration: 9 h
Our first stop of our tour will be at city Opatija. Opatija’s rich history and picturesque surroundings should not be missed. So when in Opatija, take a break from the beach and go sightseeing. Renaissance, Venetian, Gothic, ornate Secession, playful Baroque, Classicism, Alpine Baroque… Buildings of completely different styles have been erected in this popular tourist resort throughout history. Discover for yourself why Opatija has been one of the most popular destinations for sightseeing in Croatia since the 19th century when the Habsburgs turned it into one of Europe’s most popular destinations where nobles and aristocrats enjoyed in moments of peace and quiet far from their courts and daily politics. It is impossible to list all the names of the famous guests who visited Opatija. Numerous monuments have enriched the town’s culture. The tales of romantic anguish, intrigue, scheming, political games and artists seeking inspiration hide in every corner of the Opatija Riviera, and now you also have an opportunity to become a part of these tales. Next we reach the mainly commercial and industrial city of Rijeka blends into the famous Opatija Riviera, as do the charming smaller towns in the hills and along the bay, giving a wide variety of tourist attractions and sites of interest to the visitor.Rijeka itself has a mixture of impressive and historic buildings, including enough churches to justify its fame as a pilgrimage destination. The natural beauty surrounding the city complements the Old Quarter's pretty streets, grand buildings and architectural attractions. Tourists will find that the older part of the harbour is where many of the most appealing sights are located. However, if you are looking for sun and sand, then the Adriatic beaches around Rijeka may well tempt you away for the day. After free time we return to Ljubljana.
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Fakir, 06.04.2023
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Countries: Croatia, Slovenia

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