Ptuj castle - Varazdin - Jeruzalem - Wine cellar Brenholc

Price: 52.00 EUR
Countries: Croatia, Slovenia
Route: Maribor - Ptuj castle - Varazdin - Jeruzalem - Wine cellar Brenholc - Maribor
Duration: 9 h
First we will visit to the beautiful historical township Ptuj is the oldest Slovenian city and proudly conscious of its rich 2000 year history. With its pre-Roman, Roman and Slavic history, and its mediaeval heritage, it has earned the status of a Museum Town.  Today Ptuj, surrounded by vineyards and spreading charmingly on the wide powerfully flowing river Drava makes the most of its long and extraordinary history, captured in its buildings and monuments. It is a magnificent location. The Castle on the hill above, Dominican and Minorite monasteries, and the Drava River below, describe a triangle which embraces the town and which gave it the characteristic triangular silhouette it still boasts today and which is unique in Europe. The greatest showpiece of Ptuj is its Castle, a great stronghold, a mighty seat of power and wealth, reconstructed during 18th and 19th centuries into the magnificent castle that we know today.  Archeological findings have revealed that the Castle Hill was settled as early as the end of the Stone Age or in the beginning of Copper Age (around 2100-1750BC). Romans established a fortified outpost on the Hill during the 1st century AD, with a small fortress and a basilica. The fortification became a flourishing city, the first Roman staging post, expanding the Roman empire, along the so-called Roman Road and linking the east and the west. It became a city at the time of emperor Trajan, named in his honour, Colonia Ulpia Traiana Poetovio; the first record of it dated 69 AD. During our visit you will visit in the castle there know very interesting history of the castle. After we will visit to Varazdin, one of the most important tourist center of northern Croatia. The old town fortification, the central part of the town, numerous museums, galleries, and collections as well as the Varazdin cemetery, protected as a horticultural monument, represent the main tourist attractions of this Central European Baroque town. Next we will visit to the Jeruzalem region where you will discover why Romans, 13th-century crusaders and Napoleon’s soldiers all stopped here for a drink. The Šipon Wine Route is a paradise for lovers of white wines. Its scenery today includes rolling hills covered in terraced vineyards, roads lined by poplar trees, historic cottages, and quaint churches. The wines feature all the great white grapes, but especially Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Traminer, and Chardonnay, plus Furmint in sparkling, still and sweet forms, and Laški Rizling as a top dessert wine. The road sign says you are heading to Jeruzalem which is thought to have been named by crusaders whose idea of the Promised Land consisted of verdant hills, fine wines, good food and a friendly welcome.  Today, Jeruzalem is an idyllic village, which is built around the church Of our Lady of Sorrows (1652). The church was named after the painting of the Mother of Sorrowhere by the crusaders, directly from the Holy land (Jerusalem, Palestine) in the 13th century. Jeruzalem is the highest peak in the area, at an altitude of 341 m. On clear days the view extends as far as the Lake Balaton. There we will visit to Vinski Hram (Brenholc), a 300-year-old wine mansion which offers 16 bedrooms, renovated cellars for functions, a restaurant that always seems to be open, and breath-taking views over some of Verus’ vineyards. Verus, by the way, means ‘truth’ and the winemaker, Danilo Snajder, explains it by saying: “We want to produce wine that shows the truthful character of the special site here in Jeruzalem.” You wourld tast  the local wines and relax in the Jeruzalem. After we return to Maribor.
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Countries: Croatia, Slovenia

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