Blutenburg castle - Nymphenburg Palace

Price: 38.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Munich - Blutenburg castle - Nymphenburg Palace
Duration: 5 h
Our first stop in this tour we will make at the Blutenburg Palace. The Duke Albrecht III had wanted a rural hunting lodge away from Munich so he built Blutenburg Palace on the River Würm in the 1430s.  The location was perfect and he was able to build right over a moated castle from the 1200s that had burned down.  The Palace might not be as huge or grand as other Medieval works, but it is pretty impressive for a small hunting lodge. The present complex still reflects the structure of the 15th-century moated castle with its main building – where Duke Albrecht III lived with Agnes Bernauer – surrounding wall with towers and spacious outbuildings, which are dominated by the chapel. The palace chapel, furnished with late-Gothic masterpieces, is a simple building with a single nave and a choir enclosed on three sides. The wooden statues of the twelve Apostles and the figures of the Man of Sorrows and Our Lady of Sorrows from the last decade of the 15th century were also part of the first interior. Next we will visit to Nymphenburg Palace which owes its foundation as a summer residence to the birth of the long-awaited heir to the throne, Max Emanuel, who was born in 1662 to the Bavarian Elector Ferdinand Maria and his wife, Henriette Adelaide of Savoy, after some ten years of marriage. A site on the edge of the court lands, to the west of the city and the Residenz, was chosen for the new building – a location which, at that time, was still some way out of Munich surrounded by open countryside. In 1664 construction began to the plans of the north Italian architect Agostino Barelli, who also designed Munich’s Theatine Church. Initially, the Italianate "Nymphenburg summer residence" was a mighty cubic pavilion, flanked by the court church, several outbuildings and a small, walled, geometrical garden. By 1679 the palace complex, in its first incarnation, had nearly been finished. Nymphenburg Palace acquired its present-day dimensions under the elctor Max Emanuel (reigned 1680-1726). Supervised by the court architect Henrico Zuccalli, two off-set pavilions were built on each side of the existing structure, to the north and south. Begun in 1701, the pavilions were linked with the central edifice by galleries. In Nymphenburg you will discover one of the most extensive, strictly symmetrical Baroque palace ensembles in Europe. You can explore the little castle Badenburg with its impressive swimming pool, the Asian-inspired Pagodenburg, the Magdalenenklause, which appears as an artificial ruin, and the hunting castle Amalienburg with its unique Hall of Mirrors - a major work of European rococo. The centre of the castle is the "Steinerne Saal" with its cycle of frescoes framed by luxuriant rococo stuccoes. On both sides of the Stone Hall are the princely living and reception rooms. One of the particular highlights is the gallery of beauties commissioned by King Ludwig I. Joseph Stieler painted a total of 36 women from all social classes on behalf of the king. Among them are for example the daughter of a master shoemaker, Helene Sedlmayr, and the dancer Lola Montez, the king's mistress.
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Countries: Germany

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