Lorca - Mojacar - Almeria

Price: 104.00 EUR
Countries: Spain
Route: Murcia - Lorca - Mojacar - Almeria - Murcia
Duration: 12 h
The firs stop in our tour will be at Lorca, whose urban centre was declared -a Town of Historical and Artistic Interest- in 1964, is described as "the baroque city", due to the important baroque heritage of its historical centre, one of the most important in the Region, and the historical events that have shaped modern Lorca from the Iron Age to our time. Mention must be made of the numerous archaeological sites, the Columna Miliaria dating from Roman times, the Espolón Tower and the Alfonsina Tower, a Christian construction dating from after the Reconquest; the "Porche de San Antonio", the gate through the old wall that surrounded the city (in the 10th century), the numerous churches and convents dating from different periods and built in different styles (15th century to the 18th century), the baroque palaces and stately homes, such as the Guevara Palace, the Palace of the Counts of San Julián or Casa de la Mula, the military fortress that restructures the medieval castle on an inexpugnable site, or the paved streets around Plaza de España, with popular architectural buildings imbued with strong traditional character, such as La Zapatería y La Cava. Mention . The heart of the Historical Centre is the plaza de España, around which the most important buildings for the town, the Concejo and the Colegial de San Patricio were erected.After that we will drive to a typical Spanish ‘pueblo'  Mojaca. We'll cross some pretty Wild West-looking scenery on our way, heading across the Tabernas desert. And you won't be disappointed when you get there – the town is made of white, sugar-cubed houses that tumble down the rocky hillside. Mojacar's a tangle of cobbled streets which are lined with quaint shops and cute cafés and there are plenty of Moorish leftovers to admire including a spring water fountain and flower-filled terraces.Our last stop in this tour will be at Almeria . Discover its maze-like old town, tons of tapas bars and star turn, the impressive Alcazaba fortress – as seen on TV's Game of Thrones . Wander the ornate gardens, admire the water features and discover the ruined palace of Muslim emirs as well as a Christian-era castle. A city just begging to be explored, sightseeing and shopping, monuments, museums and art galleries, bars and restaurants or a simple stroll along the seafront promenade. The main city attractions, and must do places to visit, are the old quarter of the city, the ancient Alcazaba fortress and the City Cathedral. Such iconic buildings as the Apollo Theatre, Cervantes Theatre and Commercial Circle, facade of the Palace of the Marquises of Torrealta, facade of the Palace of the Viscounts of Castillo de Almansa, facade of the former Secondary School (now the School of Arts) are crossed, which houses the arcaded cloister of the Dominican convent (XVIII century), Casa de los Puche and English Cable, the Puerta de Purchena. the famous Butterfly House, the almost three-mile-long Refugios, concrete tunnels built under the city for use as air-raid shelters during the conflict. Travel back in time as you discover the ancient Aljibes Arabes, the incredibly well-preserved underground cisterns built in the 11th century. Next, you'll reach the Cathedral of the Incarnation. This impressive architectural masterpiece was originally built as a fortress as well as a place of worship in the 16th century. Plus, you'll see the Virgin of the Sea sanctuary and learn more about both temples. You'll then go from religious art to fine art at the Escuela de Artes y Oficio​ art school and afterwards, you'll see the Teatro Cervantes.After that we will return to Murcia.
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Countries: Spain

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