Positano - Fiordo di Furore - Amalfi - Villa Cimbrone of Ravello - Vietri sul Mare

Price: 78.00 EUR
Countries: Italy
Route: Naples - Positano - Fiordo di Furore - Amalfi - Villa Cimbrone of Ravello - Vietri sul Mare - Naples
Duration: 10 h
Our first stop wil be at the Positano which is a beautiful, little beach town in Italy, famous for its colorful buildings, excellent restaurants, and an ideal location to base on the Amalfi Coast. The village of Positano is home to tiny, winding roads that run down to the sea and are lined with restaurants and shops. Next we will do a stop at the Fiordo di Furore, a deep and narrow cleft . Fjords are formed by glaciers, whereas the Furore ‘fjord’ is a drowned river valley carved by the Schiato stream. The mouth of the fiordo is crossed by an arched stone bridge, the site of an international high-diving tournament in July. A tiny beach at the bottom of the cleft, accessible by a stone staircase, is backed by a few abandoned houses. There's a simple, seasonal bar-restaurant too. Next we will visit to the Amalfi city exploring the narrow white alleyways and browsing in the shops for souvenirs - including every variation on the famous local lemon products. You can sample the Amalfitana specialities, such as the strong limoncello. There are plenty of nice cafes where you can rest with a drink, eating pastries and watching the world go by. The Amalfi city also famoust it's ninth-century Duomo is one of the town's greatest attractions. It dominates the town's central piazza, sitting atop a wide flight of steps. The cloister Chiostro del Paradiso and museum close by house sculptures, mosaics and other relics of the town's wealthy past.  A stroll along the sea front is another pleasant diversion. The town's harbour is to the right as you face the sea, and past the public ferry ports there is a marina where luxury yachts rub shoulders with working fishing vessels laden with nets. Next we will visit to the small clifftop town of Ravello is one of the jewels of this region, famous for its spectacular views over the Tyrrhenian Sea and its exquisite gardens. There are many paths through the gardens but you will want to head straight ahead to the famous Infinity Terrace. The Infinity Terrace is aptly named, as the views stretch on and on, above the haze that blankets the coast below. From here, you can see the terraced fields below, the ships in the harbor, and the curve of the Amalfi Coast. The first reliable mentions of Villa Cimbrone can be found on the 11th century, during Ravello’s golden era. The origins of its name come from the rocky outcrop on which it stands: this was part of a large estate with lush vegetation covering over eight hectares that was known as “Cimbronium”. Next we will visit to Vietri sul Mare where the main attraction is not represented by monument or historic building, but simply by the ceramic ornaments. Vietri ceramics is everywhere, the whole story of the daily life of the inhabitants Vietri is painted on ceramic, which is exported all over the world. Absolutely to visit in Vietri are the workshops of the typical ceramic: each of these has its own laboratory, ideas and colors. The Vietri ceramics are an important part of the local identity and economy. After we return to Naples.
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Alexander, 03.11.2022
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Countries: Italy

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