Subotica - Palić Lake - Szeged

Price: 95.00 EUR
Countries: Hungary, Serbia
Route: Novi Sad  - Subotica - Palić Lake - Szeged - Novi Sad
Duration: 10 h
During our tour you discover the next places like city Subotica, Palić Lake and hungarian city Szeged.  Subotica is located between two agricultural areas – fertile sandy lands with gardens and vineyards to the north and plough-lands to the south of the city. Subotica’s population is famous for its multinational character and strong spirit of tolerance among its citizens and numerous ethnic groups: Hungarians, Serbs, Croats and Bunjevci live here peacefully. Subotica is proud of its City Hall, one of the most beautiful buildings in Vojvodina. Apart from the City Hall, locals are proud of their churches and other buildings in the center of Subotica which contributes to the city’s charm and make it an attractive tourist destination. Apart from this, City’s suburbs offer wonderful rest and relaxation: Palićko and Ludoško lakes, Estates Jelen and Majkin, Zvonko Bogdan wine-cellar and so on. The city is known as the border between Central Europe and the Balkans and a crossroad of nations that traveled around south-eastern Europe. From the historic point of view, Subotica’s destiny is the result of its position as the borderline between two great opposing powers: Ottoman Empire and Hapsburg Monarchy.
During our visit you will see City Hall, Freedom Square, Raichle Palace, Serbian Orthodox Church of Holy Ascension, Synagogue, City Museum, Saint Teresa of Avila Cathedral and Franciscan Monastery and Church.After visiting Subotica we’ll drive to Palić Lake that gave a name to the whole region. The lake stretches in the northern part of Vojvodina valley between great rivers Danube and Tisa, presenting natural riches from one side and rich and luxurious villas from another side. Prehistoric Pannonian sea that had been covering this surface left after it hectares of sandy soil, this is why wines produced here are called „sand wines“. Wine growing tradition here is more than 2000 years old, sandy terrain and mild climate create conditions for growing Italian Riesling, Pino blanc, Hungarian Ezerjo, Merlot, Cabenet Franc, Pinot noir, Cabernet. Here you will try the national meal called “salaš” in authentic Vojvodina restaurant „Jelen“ surrounded by woods and valleys. You will feel the right spirit of Vojvodina plains and get a proof of Serbian hospitality. Our next stop will be in hungarian city Szeged. During excursion in Szeged you will see many popular tourist attractions like The Cathedral (Hungarian: Dóm) and the Dóm Square, Square of the Martyrs of Arad , The Széchenyi Square, The Dugonics Square, Móra Ferenc Múzeum, The National Theatre, Anna Spa and Bath , Aquapolis Szeged, The Reök Palace and Regional United Arts Center. After we will back to Novi Sad.
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Countries: Hungary, Serbia

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