Svendborg - Valdemars Castle - Rudkobing

Price: 42.00 EUR
Countries: Denmark
Route: Odense - Svendborg - Valdemars Castle - Rudkobing - Odense
Duration: 8 h
Our first stop will be at Svendborg has been named the most charming shopping town in all of Denmark. We will start from Havnepladsen and watch ferries and large wooden ships pass by out on the water. By walking up Brogade and Sankt Peder Stræde from the harbour front, we will reach the town centre, and on you walk there, you will pass artisan shops, specialty stores, and cosy cafés. After reaching Sct. Nicolai Church, we will go down the charming Kyseborgstræde, until you reach the pedestrian street Gerritsgade, one of the town’s main shopping streets. Next we will turn right and follow Gerritsgade and Kattesundet – and then you reach the town square, which is flanked by shops, restaurants and cafés. Also you will see the Vor Frue Church,the stairs to Fruestræde, Møllergade, Frederiksøen, Gåsetorvet (Goose Square),Svendborgsund. Next we will make stop on the small island, Tåsinge, you can find one of Fyns most impressive castles – Valdemars Castle. When you enter the castle doors, you enter a whole new world. Princes and princesses, barons and baronesses has walked the halls and now it is your turn to explore the beautiful castle. The castle was built in 1639–44 by King Christian IV. In the same way as for all his construction projects, the king spared no expense when building this impressive country seat for his son, Count Valdemar Christian. The castle suffered severe damage during the Swedish War of 1658–60, and it was the Danish maritime hero Niels Juel who prevented the castle from ending its days as an old ruin. The naval hero’s grandson later created the castle grounds with the lake, as well as the different stalls and stables, and the fine tea pavilion by the beach. The castle is both a museum and home to the castle owners – the twelfth generation of the Iuel-Brockdorff family. Inside the solid, stately walls, you will encounter an exquisitely furnished home that simply radiates history. Where princes and princesses once lived, you are now free to explore the castle rooms and chambers. In addition to the castle halls, rooms and chambers, you can visit a museum inside the castle. The attic storey of the main building is home to the Hunting and Trophy Museum, which presents an impressive collection of cultural items and hunting trophies from almost all parts of the world. Next we will drive to  island Langeland. Viewed from the high bridge as you arrive on the island, Langeland's main town which called Rudkobing offers a pleasing mass of red-tiled roofs, punctuated by a church spire and windmill, and looking onto a yacht marina. Several Rudkøbing streets are attractively lined with low, tilting houses fronted by hollyhocks and roses – Ramsherred and Smedegade are especially pretty. You will can  strolling on past the church to the main square, Torvet, where the tourist office gives away a free tri-lingual guidebook covering the attractions of Langeland. Then continue along partly pedestrianised Østergade, which has several cafes, the fabulous everything-shop Tingstedet and a free museum. There are several art galleries around town too. After free time  we will return to Odense.
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Countries: Denmark

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