Gagra - Pitsunda - Lake Ritsa - New Athos Cave - New Athos monastery

Price: 80.00 EUR
Countries: Russia
Route: Sochi - Gagra - Pitsunda - Lake Ritsa - New Athos Cave - New Athos monastery - Sochi
Duration: 12 h
The first town of the trip is Gagra. Gagra is a small and comfortable resort town. There will be an option to visit the Stalin's Dacha which is located in a picturesque place named Kholodnaya Rechka. Our next stop will be at Pitsunda wich is a resort town. Unlike Gagra, Pitsunda is situated in the lowlands. Sea water around the Cape of Pitsunda is the clearest and the most transparent all over the Black Sea coast. The next destination on the route is Lake Ritsa which is the most popular place for the tourists to relax. It is located 950 metres above sea level. Road to the lake goes between the beautiful rocks. There will be stop in the mountains on the shore of Blue Lake where you can taste cool pure stream water. Water in the lake is cold all year round, no more than 7 degrees in the summer. The depth of the lake is 76 metres. The color of the water in this lake is turquoise because the bottom of the lake is covered with lapis lazuli. The next destination is the mysterious New Athos Cave. A special electric train transports you deep into the caves. New Athos Cave is a whole underground town with huge halls and lakes. This cave is one of the hugest in Abkhazia. Not far from the caves New Athos monastery is located. New Athos monastery is the functioning male monastery. That’s why tourists are allowed to visit only the main cathedral of the monastery. After we will return to Sochi.
Price: per person
Badur, 16.06.2023
Cician, 06.02.2023
Kusat, 24.12.2022
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Countries: Russia

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