Pannonhalma Archabbey - Gyor - Mosonmagyarovar - Flexum-Medicinal Spa

Price: 52.00 EUR
Countries: Hungary
Route: Sopron - Pannonhalma Archabbey - Gyor - Mosonmagyarovar - Flexum-Medicinal Spa - Sopron
Duration: 8 h
Firstly we will visit to the Benedictine Pannonhalma Archabbey which is a medieval building in Pannonhalma, one of the oldest historical monuments in Hungary and is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first Benedictine monks settled here in 996. They went on to convert the Hungarians, to found the country’s first school and, in 1055, to write the first document in Hungarian. From the time of its founding, this monastic community has promoted culture throughout central Europe. Its 1,000-year history can be seen in the succession of architectural styles of the monastic buildings (the oldest dating from 1224), which still today house a school and the monastic community. Its sights include the Basilica with the Crypt (built in the 13th century), the Cloisters, the monumental Library with 360,000 volumes, the Baroque Refectory and the Archabbey Collection (the second biggest in the country). Our next stop in this tour we will make at the city located at the meeting point of three rivers, the Danube, Raba and Rabca, Gyor is often known as the “Town of Rivers.” One of Hungary’s largest industrial centers, Győr features some of the country’s most important buildings and monuments. Admire its well-preserved historic architecture and view the superb collections housed in its impressive museums. The Gyor Benedictine Church is a highlight of any visit to the city. Modelled after Rome’s Church of the Gesù, the Benedictine Church was the first church built by the Jesuits after they settled in Gyor in 1627. Notice its 18th-century towers and admire its monastery and school, which date back to the 17th century. View its altarpiece, ceiling and nave, all of which were painted by Austrian artist Paul Troger. Head to Kaptalan Hill, one of the oldest parts of the city, to find the Gyor Basilica. Note the range of architectural styles incorporated into its design, including foundations that date back to the 11th century, Romanesque apses, a neoclassical exterior and a Gothic chapel. Step inside and marvel at its impressive religious artifacts, including the Weeping Icon of Mary, an altarpiece said to have once cried tears of blood.Also you can see the Gyor’s main museum in the Apatur House, one of the city’s loveliest Baroque buildings or the House of the Iron Butt to see the Imre Patko Collection, a selection of treasures and artwork collected by journalist and art historian Imre Patko. Our next stop we will make at the Mosonmagyaróvár which is a town in Hungary that lies very close to both Austrian and Slovakian border. The name is pretty long and it seems to be hard to say, there is a reason for that since it used to be two separate cities: Magyaróvár and Moson, and they were combined in early 20th century. Moson from Slavic “muson” means “castle in the marsh” and Magyaróvár’s literal translation is “ancient Hungarian castle.” The town has a thermal water source. The recoginzed medicinal water is classified amoung the top-five thermal waters in Europe. During our visit we will relax in more than 50-year-old spa in Mosonmagyaróvár, there are currently seven swimming pools with different water temperatures, huge green spaces, impressive interior relaxation areas, countless sun beds and high-quality restaurants and buffets are waiting for guests. According to the qualification of the National Public Health Institute, the thermal water is a recognized medicinal mineral water. This thermal water is alkaline hydrogen carbonate and chloride thermal water containing dissolved salts, which, due to the high content of iodine, can be classified into the group of iodine mineral waters, and it contains a significant amount of fluoride and silicic acid, as well. After that we will return to Sopron.
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Countries: Hungary

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