Castalia Spring - Delphi - Arachova - Hosios Lucas monastery

Price: 95.00 EUR
Countries: Greece
Route: Volos - Castalia Spring - Delphi - Arachova - Hosios Lucas monastery - Volos
Duration: 10 h
Delphi is possibly the archeological site with the greatest significance in Greece which according to the Greek Mythology is described as the centre of the universe, or the naval of the Earth. Indeed, for thousands of years Delphi was the centre of the known world, the most important religious centre and the oracle with the greatest reputation of its time. Ancient Greeks were traveling for days and under harsh conditions in order to visit the oracle of Delphi and consult god Apollo, through a priestess called Pythia.  There you will visit the Castalia Spring where both Pythia and pilgrims used to wash in order to purify themselves. Once you enter the site you will walk through the “Sacred Way” that leads to the Temple of Apollo. Along the way, you will pass by the treasury of the Athenians where they used to host offerings by the city-state of Athens in tribute to god Apollo in thanks for the victory at the battle of the Marathon against the Persians. Continuing your way up to the slope of the mountain, you will see the ancient theatre and further above the stadium where the Pythian Games were hosted. Below these are the temple of Athena Pronoia and the gymnasium where the athletes who competed in the Pythian Games used to train. Your experience will be completed after visiting the archeological museum of Delphi, located right next to the site. Once you have finished your visit, your driver will pick you up and drive to the town of Delphi where you can have lunch at local restaurant with an amazing view at Itea’s gulf. Leaving Delphi you can spend some time at the picturesque town of Arachova and then, on the way back to Volos, visit the very well preserved middle Byzantine period Monastery of Hosios Lucas, which has been listed on UNESCO'S World Heritage Sites.
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Pellosi, 21.09.2022
Peabima, 12.09.2022
Alexander, 21.06.2022
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Countries: Greece

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