The area of Upper Drina has a long and rich cultural heritage. Marked by stunning mountains and canyon lands this is perhaps the most rugged part of the country, yet endowed with so much beauty. European tour packages to Bosnia and Herzegovina with european tour operator during european tours can offer visit to Upper Drina Valley. Nobel Prize winner for Literature Ivo Andric’s famous book the ‘Bridge on the Drina’ takes place in the town of Visegrad. One can still walk across this magnificent bridge built by Ottoman design in the 16th century. Mehmed-Pasha Sokolovic Bridge of Visegrad inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List on June 28th, 2007. Centuries later, Tito and the partisans formed the first brigade in Rudo and fought one of the most decisive battles of WWII in the Sutjeska, now the heart of the National Park. It is in area as rich in history as it is in natural wonder. Ancient mosques and orthodox monasteries line the hilly countryside. The Drina River towns of Foca and Gorazde are both the cultural and touristic centres of the region. Foca is home to both Sutjeska National Park (which hosts BiH’s highest peak, Mt. Maglic at 2,386m.) and the crystal clear Tara River. There is no better nature attraction in southeast Europe. Gorazde is the largest city in the region as well as its geographic centre. From here it is easy to reach Foca to the southwest, or Visegrad and Rudo to the east and southeast. Although this region is not fully developed for tourism, the vast, untapped, potential makes it an ideal place for the wanderer, independent or adventure traveler.