Located 50 kilometres from Budapest, Esztergom is considered to be the first seat of Hungarian kings and the birthplace of Christianity in Hungary. During european tours to Hungary you can visit to Esztergom with european tour operator if it included to european tour packages. The Castle Hill and its museum boast exquisite treasures and valuable artefacts. The basilica towering above the Danube is a masterpiece of Hungarian classicism and the fifth biggest cathedral in Europe, housing the world’s largest altar-piece painted on a single piece of canvas, as well as the country’s largest religious treasury. It is also worth visiting the cellar system beneath the Basilica, where guests can get to learn more about the wine culture of the entire country through the wines and the exhibition here. The Mária Valéria bridge spanning the Danube is not only interesting because you can simply walk over to Štúrovo in Slovakia on it, but also because you get the best view of the Basilica from here. If you are visiting the Dunakanyar area, it is definitely worth travelling a bit farther to the wine region of Neszmély as well. Wine-lovers can taste firm, fresh white wines in the cellars and vineries of the area, including such delicacies as the local chardonnay or the Italian Riesling.