Transfer from Gdansk to Airport to Hotel in Gdansk to station in Gdansk from hotels in Gdansk
Price: from 20.00 EUR
Transfer from Krakow to Airport to Hotel in Krakow to station in Krakow from hotels in Krakow
Price: from 25.00 EUR
Transfer from Wadowice to Airport ( Krakow ) to Hotel in Wadowice to station in Wadowice from hotels in Wadowice
Price: from 15.00 EUR
Transfer from Warsaw to Airport to Hotel in Warsaw to station in Warsaw from hotels in Warsaw
Price: from 25.00 EUR
Transfer from Wroclaw to Airport to Hotel in Wroclaw to station in Wroclaw from hotels in Wroclaw
Price: from 25.00 EUR

Our travel tips

  • Discover Bakhchisaray Palace during european tours to Russia

    Bakhchisaray Palace was the core of the political and spiritual life of the Crimean Tartars. The palace served as a shrine of Russia’s culture and is a major historical monument of its time, as there are very few palaces in the world that have its unique and outstanding character. Bakhchisaray Palace is known to be one of three rare architectural structures representing the Middle East and Europe, the others are Alhambra and Top Kapi palaces in Spain and Turkey respectively. European tour packages with european tour operator offer visit to Bakhchisaray Palace during european tours to Russian Crimea. When walking through the interiors of the Bakhchisaray Palace you will be amazed at the decorative Read more ...  
  • Visit to Trenta Valley during european tours to Slovenia

    The Trenta Valley is located in Triglav National Park and is magical in all seasons. Towns and villages along the emerald River Soča invite those seeking peace, as well as adrenaline junkies. Backpackers, climbers, fishermen, hunters, families, and romantics – everyone discovers the Trenta Valley in their own way. Take a deep breath in nature and be filled with the energy of the Trenta Valley. European tours to Slovenia begin from the office of european tour operator where you can add that visit to european tour packages. Read more ...