Tihany City tour

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Tihany City tour
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Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour Tihany City tour

Route: Tihany
Duration: 2 h

You can see Baroque church and convent of the Benedictine Abbey, Church ruins at Apati, Church ruins at Ujlak, Gallows hill, Pale hill, The church building and its neighbourhood, Echo hill, Calvary, Hermit's place, Knollgraves, Ancient fortification, Crypt of King Andrew I , Calvinist church, belfry, Summer castle of Archduke Joseph Habsburg.

Price: per person

Price: 25.00 EUR
Countries: Hungary

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