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785.00 EUR
European tour 9 days. Prague, Vienna, Budapest
European tour package for 4 pax to Czech Republic,Austria and Hungary. This tour include visit to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. During the tour you see all important sightseeings and test national foods in traditional restaurants with folk evening programs
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1 094.00 EUR
European tour 9 days. Vienna, Budapest, Prague
Tour of Europe with visit to Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic. This tour included city tour in Vienna, excursion to Salzburg and evening fonk dinner. Visit to Hungary included city tour in Budapest ,tour to Sentendre ( old village) and folklor dinner. Last point of this tour is Czech Republic's capital city Prague, where you see city tour and tour to Chech Krumlov city on the south .
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503.00 EUR
European tour 7 days. Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest
The tour includes 3 hotels ***, **** class star. Excursions - 4. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Minivan. European tour packages created by european trip planner include tour to Belgrade, vacation tour to Sofia, independent tour to Bucharest, travel to Bulgaria,excursions in Serbia,vacation in Romania
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  • Amsterdam Boat Show it tours to Holland

    Every year the sailing season is officially opened on the first day of the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show. People of different backgrounds and ages visit the show for one and the same reason: they share a passion for water sports. More than 350 exhibitors show you the latest trends and designs in the world of water sports: navigation equipment and electronics, rigging and deck hardware, clothing, safety and rescue equipment, tourist information, boat hire, insurance and financing, yacht brokers, sailing schools and over 500 boats in all shapes and sizes. A day at HISWA is an wonderful day out for everyone. Adults can get the best information about anything related to the world of water sports, while children can participate in all Read more...  
  • Visit to Wieskirche Pilgrimage Church in tours to Germany

    The Pilgrimage Church of the Scourged Saviour at the foot of the Alps is considered a perfect example of Bavarian rococo architecture. Around one million visitors come here every year from all over the world – to look, marvel, pray, attend services, enjoy the summer concerts and, of course, for quiet contemplation. The statue of the Scourged Saviour was erected in 1730 for a pilgrimage but was subsequently put into storage in an attic. In 1738 the peasant woman Maria Lory, having retrieved the statue, saw tears and drops of blood on the statue. The news quickly spread, more and more pilgrims came, and soon the wooden village chapel, built in 1740, was no longer enough to accommodate them all. The foundation stone for the current Read more...