Sant Joan de Caselles Church during tour to Andorra

The building dates from the 11th-12th century and follows the architectural style of other Andorran Romanesque churches, comprising a single rectangular nave with wooden ceiling, a semicircular apse and Lombardstyle bell  tower. It preserves two archways which were probably built in the 16th and 17th centuries.The interior houses  the remains of a 12th century stucco Romanesque Majesty surrounded by a mural showing the crucifixion with Longinus and Stephanon accompanied by the Sun and Moon.Behind the altar grill is an altarpiece of significant  artistic value dating from 1527 which shows Italian and German Renaissance influences and portrays scenes from the life and martyrdom of Saint John, author of the book of Revelations and patron saint of the church. The building is the work of Miquel Ramells i Guy Borgonyô.The Motorcycle Museum, located next to the church, traces the history of motorcycles beginning in the early 20th century.