Vallo Castle - Old and New Hojerup Kirke - Stevns Fort

Price: 40.00 EUR
Countries: Denmark
Route: Copenhagen - Vallo Castle - Old and New Hojerup Kirke - Stevns Fort - Copenhagen
Duration: 6 h
Our first stop we will make at the Vallo Castle where you can through the beautiful castle grounds and take the picture. It is a  special experience to walk through these English-style landscaped gardens. Here you will find rare old trees such as katsura, dove-trees, gingko, wingnut trees, tulip trees and flowering ash. The Castle itself, with its unique story, is closed to the public. But when you are walking in the grounds and around the castle, you can sense the presence of history right back to the 1300s. In 1708 King Frederik IV bought Vallo and made a present of it to his consort, later queen Anne Sophie Reventlow. After the death of the king in 1730 Anne Sophie was banished to Clausholm, and the new king, Christian VI, handed over Vallo estate to his queen, Sophie Magdalene. The queen set up Vallo Stift as a self-owned foundation on November 28th, 1737.Next we will reach the Old Hoejerup Church which is 13th-century church with faded ochre murals stands so near to the cliff edge that a small balcony where the altar should be looks out directly across the sea . Indeed, where you're standing was once the church chancel, but on 16 March 1928 this, along with part of the church's cemetery, tumbled into the sea. The church was built by a boater in distress who promised to build a chapel if he was saved. The church is located on the 30 m. high cliff. It was consecrated in 1357 , but the sea undermined the cliff, and in 1928 overthrew the choir in the sea. The rest of the church is now secured by underpinning. Since the church was built around 1250 the edge of the cliff had approached ruthlessly. According to local legend the church moved every Christmas night a tiny step towards the country, but it was not enough to save it. The last service was held in 1910. You can stand inside the church and look out over the sea through a door. Also you can visit to New Hoejerup Church which located near the old church and you can down stairs to the beach where you will see and touch the see. Next we will stop at the Stevnsfort which was constructed in 1952 and was the last fort in Denmark to close, in 2000. The fort was facing the frontline of the Warsaw Pact. The fort is located on a flat coastal area with a vertical limestone cliff to the water. The military complex is carved out of limestone 18 meters under the ground and with 1.6 kilometres of passages and rooms. The fort consisted of Heavy artillery,  warning centre and squadron of HAWK missiles for attack flights. On the ground, there were anti-aircraft batteries, locator stations, a light cannon, projectors, fire fighting equipment and warning radars etc. The main attraction at the museum is the underground complex. There is also a visitor centre with cinema and an exhibition on the fort. The outdoor exhibition shows Hawk missiles, tanks and other military cannon and vehicles. After we will return to Copenhagen.
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Countries: Denmark

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