Munster - Open Air museum Muhlenhof - Movie Park

Price: 69.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Dusseldorf - Munster - Open Air museum Muhlenhof - Movie Park - Dusseldorf
Duration: 11 h
Our first stop we will make at the historic university city, Münster is the capital of Westphalia and has a skyline shaped by the Romanesque and Gothic towers of its medieval churches. For hundreds of years up to 1801 the city was ruled by a Catholic Prince-Bishopric. This dominion was only briefly interrupted by an Anabaptist rebellion, which was crushed in brutal fashion by a siege and grisly execution of its leaders who were left to rot in cages over the Prinzipalmarkt square. A trendy bar in medieval surroundings, the Picasso-Museum behind the facade of an old court, gems of baroque architecture next to icons of contemporary art… It is this exciting mix that makes Münster so charming: the coexistence of antique history and cosmopolitan internationality. In 1648 great European history was made with the Peace of Westphalian in the Friedenssaal (Hall of Peace)  of the historic “Rathaus” (Town Hall). It was here where the first university of Westphalia was founded in 1773.  On the Prinzipalmarkt(Principal Market) you will find out immediately why Münster is a member of the Historic Highlights of Germany. The gabled merchant houses form a splendid silhouette and exclusive boutiques are waiting for you underneath their archways.During our visit you will see the Town Hall, the Prinzipalmarkt with its splendid gabled houses, St. Paul's Cathedral, St. Clement's Church and the Erbdrostenhof. One of the highlights of the tour is St. Lambert's Church with the Anabaptists' cages. Next we will visit to the open-air museum Mühlenhof,consists of about 30 historic rural buildings, the oldest of which date back to the 18th century. The largest object is a wind mill, around which rural huts, farm buildings and craft workshops were located - all objects have original or restored equipment. There’s a 19th-century chapel, a blacksmith’s forge, a rural school, an apiary, a village shops and a variety of other workshops where you can watch old trades in action.The buildings’ interiors have been meticulously furnished. Between the old structures are vegetable and medicinal gardens, and even a garden growing pigments that dyers would have used to colour their fabrics. Next we will visit to Movie Park Germany which is the latest incarnation of a film-based amusement park that opened in 1996. There are more than forty attractions in five themed areas to choose from. With its American movie themes of the Hollywood Street Set, Streets of New York, Nickland, The Old West, Santa Monica Pier, Adventure Lagoon, and Federation Plaza. There are the Hollywood Movies, Roller Coasters, Extreme Rides, Stunt Shows, 3-D Experience, Train Rides, Water Rides, Halloween Events, Free Fall Rides, Ferris Wheel, Parades. Europe’s only gyro-drop tower puts you in a free fall of up to 90 km/h, plummeting from a height of 60 m . Feel like you’re in a Hollywood movie as you experience the explosions, close calls and daredevil tricks of this group of stuntmen. In Santa Monica, there are roller coasters, jet skis, ferris wheels and the Hollywood Film Museum. You’ll feel like you’re riding a wave as you spin like a top on the wild Crazy Surfer roller coaster. As you sit on the edge of a rotating disc, you’ll travel up and down the coaster tracks. Experience American and German history in the Old West, which has the country’s first wooden roller coaster and much more. After free time we return to Dusseldorf.
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Countries: Germany

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