Poznan city tour

Price: 10.00 EUR
Countries: Poland
Route: Poznan
Duration: 2 h
Poznan is one of the oldest cities in Poland with prestigious universities and beautiful architecture. During our city tour we   will stroll down the narrow but charming streets, admire the colorful tenement houses and not miss the tourist attraction which you can observe at the City Hall – the display of two goats butting their heads twelve times everyday at noon. Also you will see and know  about the  Old Market Square – the heart of the city full of historical monuments, cafes and restaurants, the Town Hall – built in the 16th century by Giovanni Battista Quadro of Lugano – known as the pearl of the Renaissance in Poland, the New Synagogue, the Bamber Monument – this iconic monument commemorates the Bambers, poor Catholic farmers from Bavaria who came to Poznan in the early 18th century to help rebuild villages devastated by war and plague, the Parish Church of St. Stanislaus – known as the Fara Church; a stunning, very impressive Baroque church with an enchanting interior with the wealth of forms and lavish decor, the colorful merchant houses, which were once used for trade purposes; in the Middle Ages, makeshift wooden stalls were erected here where herrings, salt, binders, torches, candles and other commodities were sold, the Former Jesuit Church and College, the Palace of the Dzialynski Family – a Baroque palace built in 1773 – 1776 which belonged to one of the most prominent families in whole Greater Poland region, the    Guardhouse which is 18th century building of the municipal guard which in the inter-war period, served as a garrison jailhouse, the Przemyslaw Hill where on the top of the hill there is a newly rebuilt Royal Castle – the former residence of King Przemysl II; from here you can enjoy a very nice panoramic view of the city, the Freedom Square – once the heart of the city; favourite spot of the upper classes for strolls and the Freedom Fountain.
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Countries: Poland

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