Zupanova Jama - Zagreb

Price: 57.00 EUR
Countries: Croatia, Slovenia
Route: Ljubljana - Zupanova Jama - Zagreb - Ljubljana
Duration: 10 h
Our first stop we will make at the Županova Jama (Mayor's Cave). The huge cavern in the rock below the church Tabor was known for many centuries. It was called Ledenica Jama (Ice Cave), because it is very cold and contains ice almost the whole year. The reason is its geometry, as it is going down from the entrance about 70m with no lower exit, the cold air flows into the cave in winter, but can not get out in summer. This is a typical cold trap. Županova Jama is - compared to other Slovenian caves - a small cave. The formations in this cave are normal stalctites and stalagmites, only a few curtains and draperies, nothing special or exotic. But the quality is so extraordinary, you have rarely seen a more beautiful cave. Next we will reach a Zagreb with its stunning architecture, historic monuments, unique coffee culture, green parks, cultural attractions and abundance of festivals and events, Zagreb is a great tourist destination. The city will surprise you with its unique layout of upper and lower town, each with its own characteristics and attractions. Before 1850  Gradec and Kaptol these two areas used to be two different settlements which were separated by a stream that ran along what nowadays is the very trendy Tkalčićeva Street. Gradec  was first mentioned in historical records when it was declared a free city in 1242 by king Bela IV. Subsequently, the citizens of Gradec were given different rights (including choosing their own mayor) and soon after they started fortifying their city with defensive walls and towers. There were four gates around the walled city, out of which only what used to be the Stone Gate has survived. The urban layout of Gradec is recognizable to this day and preserved beautifully. Kaptol was founded on the opposite hill to Gradec, by King Ladislaus in 1094 when he decided to establish the Zagreb diocese – a district which was under the jurisdiction of the bishop who also lived there. Throughout the 15th and 16th centuries, Kaptol’s citizens were also busy with building fortifications around the town and Zagreb Cathedral. During the tour you will see and know about  Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb Cathedral, Dolac Market, The Stone Gate, Panoramic Viewpoint of Zagreb, Gradec Plateau and Zagreb Street Art, Lotrščak Tower and the Strossmayer Promenade,St. Mark’s Church and Square, Zagreb Lower Town , Oktogon at Ilica Street and Flower Square,The Croatian National Theatre, Zagreb Botanical Gardens and more. After free time we return to Ljubljana.
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Countries: Croatia, Slovenia

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