Slovenj Gradec - Slovenske Konjice - Zice Carthusian Monastery

Price: 41.00 EUR
Countries: Slovenia
Route: Maribor - Slovenj Gradec - Slovenske Konjice - Zice Carthusian Monastery - Maribor
Duration: 6 h
Our first stop we will make at the Slovenj Gradec which  is the cultural and economic centre of the Mislinja valley. With its number of inhabitants, it is a small town, but when you take its creative tradition and institutions into account, its importance extends over many borders. Numerous exhibitions in the art gallery and events (some of them under the aegis of the UN) have brought the town closer to its foreign neighbours and that is how in 1989 Slovenj Gradec got the distinguished title of the Peace Messenger City. The historical image of Slovenj Gradec and its surrounding area stretches back to pre-historic times. This may be traced in the remains of Illyrian and Celtic settlement called Colatio. The medieval town was (like the other oldest Slovene towns) founded in the 13th century. It has survived centuries of turmoil but the town folk (most often artisans and merchants), together with foreign and native masters and artists, have managed to care for the image of the town. The old town centre has remained the focus of cultural and social life right up to the present day. Slovenj Gradec has always been and still remains rooted within its historical and cultural tradition. The most important artistic monuments in the town are to be found in the Gothic church of the Holy Spirit and in the church of St. Elizabeth. Our next stop will be at the Slovenske Konjice where you can walk at the renovated old town centre and other monuments of Konjice history. You might encounter the local (castle) nobility or even the famous Konjice dragon, and St. George and Margaret, who will take you back to the times of our grandparents and introduce you to interesting local legends and the town’s history.  During our visit you will open the door to Slovenske Konjice – a charming town with almost 1000 years of history – laid at the foot of the mysterious Konjiška gora Mountain and sunny golden wine-growing hills of Škalce .  An attractive medieval country town  Slovenske Konjice was first mentioned in 1146 as Counowiz, and its numerous surrounding villages round out the image of the valley along the Dravinja River. With friendly locals and tidy well-kept streets, the town has become a good role model for others. Our next stop we will make at the Žiče Monastery. It is not a coincidence that this monastery in the tranquil, remote St John the Baptist Valley was settled by Carthusian monks from the Grande Chartreuse in .  They found an untouched part of the world in this hidden valley, where they could live according to the strict rules of the Carthusians – humility, remoteness, prayers and meditation. The Monastery construction Two separated Upper and Lower monasteries connected with the beautiful and unspoiled St John the Baptist valley were erected following the model of French charterhouses. The Upper monastery (Žiče Monastery) washome to monks who lived in total silence and first of all dedicated their lives to intellectual work. In Špitalič, in the so-called Lower monastery, lay monks were above all manual workers providing the Carthusians with everything necessary for the monastery's existence and operation. Slowly the monastery is becoming alive again. The lower part boasts a well-preserved parish church of the Visitation of Mary, while the rest of the monastery provides the experience of unspoiled nature and tranquillity. The renovated outbuildings of the upper monastery house two permanent exhibitions about the history and renovation of the monastery. Furthermore, the sparkling wine of Zlati grič matures in the monastery cellar and  among the arches a potter presents his handicraft and invites you to admire his products. After we return to Maribor.
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Countries: Slovenia

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